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When did you start playing?

In about 2009/10!! I played MC2 first, and it was my introduction to the BattleTech universe :)

Favourite Mech?

Mad Cat. Ideologically I don't agree with the Clans, but the Mad Cat really is one of the best and most iconic Mech designs. Also fond of the Masakari, although I don't usually use assault-class Mechs. Although it's not in MC, I also like the Marauder.

Favourite pilot?

*Gestures to this site URL* Firestorm for MC1!! Lynx is a close runner-up though. I also really like Thunder, Falcon, Mystique, Hunter, Countess, Baron, Fiend, and Hitman!! Although I love all of them really. For MC2 it's Twitch, and I also like Longshot, Meat, Flash, Steel, Claymore, Dagger, Shadow, and Jinx.

Favourite weapon/component?

The Clan ER PPC!! The PPCs have an excellent sound effect in MC2. Also the ECM suite, but I wish you could equip more Mechs with them in MC2.

What other BattleTech games have you played?

Currently I'm playing through MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf, and I also recently started BattleTech (2018) and MechAssault Phantom War!! I've also played MechAssault 1, MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries, and MechWarrior 4: Vengeance. And of course I've played the board game and have roughly 2 companies of miniatures, and I have some MechWarrior: Dark Age collectibles too.