MechCommander 2

Game overview

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MechCommander 2 was released on the 19th of July 2001, and is the sequel to MechCommander (1998).

It's set in 3063 on Carver V, a planet caught admist civil war, with the player being a mercenary commander who has been sent to deal with some bandit forces. There are 24 missions split between 3 campaigns, with the mercenaries being hired by a different house in each one. The third campaign has you work for House Davion and the partisans, which results in the freedom and independence of Carver V, renamed as Liberty.

The game has 24 missions in total, as well as five training missions. Before each mission, there are briefing videos from the various characters you are working for, as well as video transmissions during the actual missions as well. There are also cinematics before the game and at various points during it, with news broadcasts detailing events in the war.